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Autumn attempted a steadier rhythm with the lungs of a Summer that had inhaled intensively. The membranes that confine our worlds expanded momentarily, reaching through the rust-coloured walls of our communal studio, allowing us short durations to be in physical space together. To catch up on conversations that paused in the Spring. To see the objects and materials of others without the barrier of a screen. Though we shared this expanse, only few were able to experience it, and when the membranes contracted for longer periods, the few followed the shrink back home, in line with the domestic limits of the majority.

Winter held Autumn’s breath. Our situations said “Sorry, we’ve run into an issue. Try again.”. And in this well-known recurring restraint, we did. Despite fresh anxieties, we began to understand the long haul of our isolation, our processes reshaped and shifted, and productivity came a little easier. Video calls once again were the sole source of connecting our little artist community. Online calendars weaving our virtual spaces together, then loosening so that we could make in semi-offline places. The online important when work manifested in favour of digital presentation.

We continue to alter in this staggered opening of everything, as Spring gasps to gain lost ground, as studios and workshops open again, and the hope of tangible experiences sans screens linger. Our work sits in multiple forms. It exists in a kind of superposition, as have we as artists. Connected in separation and synchronised in time.

Luke Bartle, Rhubarb Ethnocentric Babble of Erect Air, 2021, Video with the audio of cheering, footsteps, police sirens, seagulls, and Ken Dodd's Happiness (1963), 05:43

Jessica Smith, With the everywhere, film 1, 2021, Video, 01:45        

Jessica Smith, With the everywhere, film 2, 2021, Video, 01:05        

Jessica Smith, With the everywhere, film 3, 2021, Video, 01:07        

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Stephanie Kimishi, Un.titled.-005, 2021, Canvas, acrylic paint, acrylic spray, gold leaf, 120x80cm

Chloe Francis, Free Falling (Official Video), 2021, Music Video, 02:36                                                                   

Silicon Valley is more than a mindset.jpg

Dayna Heaviside, Silicon Valley is more than a mindset, 2021, Digital Collage, Dimensions variable                                  

Nicole Dodds, Mi, 2021, Video, 01:59                                               

Nicole Dodds, Mi 2, 2021, Video, 01:57                                            

Nicole Dodds, Mi 3, 2021, Video, 02:00                                            

Nicole Dodds, Mi 4, 2021, Video, 02:00                                            

lucas flowers.jpg

Megan Walsh, Virtual Indentity, 2021, Two digitally edited screenprints, Dimensions variable

Tegan Simmonds, Eyewitness: A Documentary, 2021, Video, 11:43


Samiya Khan, Power, 2021, Digital Collage, Dimensions variable                               


Megan Thompson, Broken Record, 2021, Card, vinyl record, magazine clippings, 35x60cm

Lauren Alys Gornall, iGnorance iS BliSS: a FAMiLY ALBuM, 2021, LP, 30:36       


Lauren Alys Gornall, iGnorance iS BliSS: a FAMiLY ALBuM Nostalgia Box Edition, 2021                     


. 12" Clear Vinyl of iGnorance iS BliSS: a FAMiLY ALBuM                                                                    

. 10" Album of B-Sides, including an unreleased spoken word poem                                                    

. A 44-page hardback book of the thoughts and processes for iGnorance iS BliSS: a FAMiLY ALBuM  

. A letter of gratitude and credits                                                                                                         

. QR code for digital access to iGnorance iS BliSS: a FAMiLY ALBuM                                                  

. A print of psychogeography of Clitheroe                                                                                            

. 9 postcards, detailing the concept of each track                                                                                

. A handful of badges                                                                                                                          


Sydney Gilbride, Whatever You Want, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 150x150cm

Alice Beattie, FaceMaking A Girl Installation, 2021, Video, 01:30       

spider 1.png

Juri Bruderek, He Loves You, 2021, Digital Collage, Dimensions variable


Ellie Huddlestone, Legs, 2021, Photographic print, 84.1x59.4cm                                

Ellie Huddlestone, Snail, 2021, Photographic print, 84.1x59.4cm

Ellie Huddlestone, Passion, 2021, Photographic print, 84.1x118.9cm

Ellie Huddlestone, Infest, 2021, Photographic print, 84.1x118.9cm

IMAGE 1.jpg

Ellie Huddlestone, Installation Piece, 2021, Series of 4 photographic prints, all 59.4x84.1cm

Bronte Summers, Celestial Descent, 2021, Video, 09:02                 

pegging hanging custom.jpg
lie back and think of england rug.jpg
virgin mary rug.jpg
vulva oral rug.jpg

[From left to right]

Molly Cavell, The Pegging Scene, 2020, Punch needle on monks cloth, 30x30cm

Molly Cavell, Lie Back and Think of England, 2020, Punch needle on monks cloth, 36x54.5cm

Molly Cavell, The Virgin Mary, 2020, Punch needle on monks cloth, 40.5x55cm

Molly Cavell, Vulva Oral, 2020, Punch needle on monks cloth, 34.5x44.5cm


Amy Widdowson, Solo, 2021, Hand-spun and acrylic wool, 85x85cm                         

Talia Foxler, Comfort, 2021, Video, 02:03                                                                                                  

Amy Stansfield, A New Space, 2021, Video, 04:27                                                                                    

Jess Miller, A Dark Space, 2021, Video, 11:50                                   

Jess Miller, A Forgotten Place, 2021, Video, 09:38                            

Jess Miller, Waiting for the Train, 2021, Video, 04:20                         

Declan Clark, My Visible/Invisible Interior, 2021, Video, 05:51                                                                   

Sarah Lawson, Arrows, 2021, Video, 01:50                                                   

James Poë, Two Artists: How to make an Artwork and What to do With it, 2021, Text     


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Rhiannon O'Reilly, Work, Touch & Gesture, 2021, Pencil and fine liner, Dimensions variable

Warning: Flashing Images

Leeds Beckett BA Fine Art Virtual Degree Show

Explicit content, viewer discretion is advised.

Jess Miller, Walk with Me, 2021, Video, 03:58                                    


Josh Beresford

[Top left] ARTEFACT VIII, 2021, Collage, 11x11cm

[Top right] ARTEFACT II, 2021, Collage, 11x19.5cm

[Middle] ARTEFACT XLVI, 2021, Collage, 25x22cm

[Bottom] ARTEFACT VI, 2021, Collage, 22x9cm


Oli Charlton, Remember When, 2021, Digital composition of drawings in black ink on Hahnemuhle, Dimensions variable

Sarah Bradley, Listening To What Others Have To Say, 2021, Video, 36:48       

Elle Furber, IMG-1474, 2021, Video, 00:32                                       

Reflections, Reflections, 2021, EP, 03:38


1. My Identity Is Stolen                                                            00:42

2. Will You Cheat                                                                      00:34

3. Take Me Down                                                                     00:38

4. Wide Vocal Hum                                                                   00:34

5. Calculating A Horse                                                             00:36

6. Hotwire                                                                                00:34

weave tags collage.jpg
weaving action.jpg

Kelly Umpleby, Spaciotemporal Chamber, 2021, String, cloth, wool roving, wood, nails, chair


. Chamber 300x200cm

. Square Sculpture 106.68x106.68cm

. Circular Sculpture 228.6x76.2cm

. Hourglass Sculpture 44x32x102cm


Kelly Umpleby, Spaciotemporal Chamber, 2021, Video, 04:14          

Nikita Sembhi, The Adventures of Covid, 2021, Video, 07:12